22 Sep 2017, 13:23

How to use Flex Seal


I had an issue with my roof… I woke up to some strange dripping noise. Water leaked from ceiling. Since my roof is just 6 years old it was surprising. I understood a whole lot of money would cost .

I purchased the Flex Seal. Yes, I was somewhat skeptical that this may be a waste of money. However, it was a lot less expensive than roof repair business. I decided to provide a go to flex seal.

It had been delivered. I wondered, and climbed on the roof does bend seal function? I sprayed on the area with Flex Seal. It took me a couple of minutes to seal the leak that was annoying. I checked it appears the following day. The surface was smooth and dry. To test it I poured a couple of buckets of water on the area that was fixed. The bend seal spray worked, there was no leak!

Since the success with flex seal I used it to fix some things. I mended an old metal bucket a garden hose and a window which has been leaking air. If you want when the bend seal is dry you can paint it. As it is black, I didn’t paint my roof and bend seal was imperceptible. But as they were white, I needed to paint windows. They looked after applying the paint.

How to use

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It’s easy. Shake the can and just spray on on the Flex Seal in the space of 14 inches on a leak, crack, or hole. To get better results it is suggested to apply layers of flex seal for effects, and also shake the can. The can should be kept at temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. IMPORTANT (according to almost all flex seal liquid rubber testimonials online): After use, invert the can and apply a fast burst to clean the spray nozzle.

Some features of Flex Seal

Strong sealant

Weather resistant

Usable all year round with temperatures as low as 0 degree C

Countless functions

Powerful product

Flexible and resistant to cracks

Most people wish to know the cons and the pros.


Effective sealant that will last for many years.

Easy to use (just spray on a leak or crack)

Low temperature and high resistant

The sealant is waterproof

Can be used on steel, aluminum, pottery, glass, plastic and many other surfaces.

When the flex seal coating is dried it can be painted by you

Flex Seal can will protect an area of approximately eight square feet (depending on how thick the coating is)


Holes or cracks may need Flex Seal layers

After each use, you have to invert the can and apply a burst that is fast to clean the spray nozzle.

Update, 3 Months after

No escapes, it works well. Bedroom is dry, windows are not currently leaking air, garden hose and old bucket are escape free. I checked the bend seal surface appears after 3 months. And I observed no signs of wear or damage in the regions where it had been used.